Recovery Environment Through a Peer Workforce

As you know, we are the learning center attached to Recovery Innovations (RI). We suggest you visit our other site for the details on all the programs we offer in many parts of the country. But before we send you off, we have included three articles here that give you an overview of the main components of our recovery work. This way you can get a feeling for what you’ll find on the RI site before you jump into it. The first article, CLICK HERE, describes our business model and relates them to our vision and values. It also gives you a glimpse of our staff and the range of things offered. The second article, Click here, features our Opportunity Centers (crisis programs) and gives you an overview of what we do and how we do it. The third article, Click here, describes the RI housing model, giving you a brief description of each component.  Again, this is just an overview, so once you’ve read this, move on to the bigger picture on the RI web site. Be sure and read the information on Wellness City, which is one of our newest  models that carries us forward into the realm of integrated health care. You’ll love it!